We offer services all over South Wales.
Any product comes with a cord keepsake, free of charge.

Note: A £7.90 will be added for chiller pack delivery.

We also always add a few suprises for our mamas in the Pack!

Placenta Capsules - Simple Method £200

The placenta is washed with distilled water then dehydrated directly from its raw state.

Placenta Capsules - Steamed Method £200

Steamed method, involves steaming and infusing the placenta with a special blend. It is then dehydrated and ground into fine powder before the actual encapsulation.

Placenta Capsules - 50/50 £250

Get the "best of both worlds" with our 50/50 option. The placenta is halved before following each of the above methods of preparation.

Placenta Essence £35 (200ml)

"Mother essence". A small piece of raw placenta is steeped in distilled water, then a measure of 40% alcohol is added to stabilise the essence.

Placenta Tincture £65 (200ml)

This is a very strong and potent life-long remedy:
A small piece of raw placenta is steeped in 40% alcohol for six weeks. It will be delivered with an additional dropper bottle.

It is used in times of emotional, hormonal or psychological imbalance.

Homoeopathic Remedy £70

A small piece of placenta will preserved and sent to a homeopathic remedy specialist. You will be provided with two strenghs of your homeopathic remedry: 30c for adult and 7c for babies.

The ultimate Placenta Oil £45 (50ml)

A placenta-infused oil, made with organic cold pressed apricot kernel. Hormone rich and skin healing. This is the base used on some of our cosmetics.

Placenta Smoothies £40

Although not to everyone's taste, consuming a fresh piece of raw placenta soon after birth is believed to play a huge role in your early recovery.  Made with organic fruit (feel free to let us know about your favourites) and mineral water, the taste of placenta is totally covered, for those who wondered!

3 delicious smoothies will be prepared, to consume within 24 hours.

Note: Due to COVID-19 new regulations, we would only provide this service at your home, as hospitals are understandibly limiting the number of visitors.

Framed Cord Keepsake £25

As stated above, we will provide every client a free cord keepsake in a white organza pouch. However if you wish to have it framed, we do so in a small white or natural wooden frame.

Whipped Body Butter for Mama £50 (250ml)

Made with organic cold-pressed Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, your Placenta-infused oil and a few drops of Lavender, lemongrass and bergamot pure essential oils. That's IT.

Mama & baby Balm £35 (120ml)

Made with Calendula oil, Shea butter, Candelilla wax (vegan substitute to bee's wax) and your own placenta-infused oil, this balm is simply magical. It can be used for pretty much everything: sore nipples, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema or for your little one's delicate bottom. A must-have in your bag!

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