Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the two methods?

The steamed dried method is, as its name indicates, steamed with a special blend, before being dried out. Women have reported it to be more calming and rebalancing hormones.
The simple method on the other hand, is dried out directly from its raw state. Women have reported it to be more energetic due to the nutrients and vitamins being better preserved.

What happens after I booked in?

If you decide to go ahead, the process is really straightforward. Once you are booked in, we will send you a Chiller Pack around 37 weeks, along with instructions on how to handle it. The Ice blocks have to be placed straight away in your freezer, so the pack will be ready to be taken to the hospital (If you go to the hospital).

Make sure the midwife knows you are keeping your placenta by writing it down in your birth wishes.

If you're having a home birth, putting the placenta in your fridge (inside the plastic container provided) will be just as good.

When your baby is born, tell the midwife to put it in a bag and straight in the Cooler Pack, ready for collection.

Note: When labour starts, send us a text, at anytime, so we can get organised and come to you as quickly as we can. Then when your baby is born, get your birth partner or Doula to let us know.

The collection will happen within 12 hours after the birth.

After collection, the process should take between 24-48 hours before we deliver the remedies back to you. Either at your house or at the hospital. In some cases, we will send it to you First

Class / signed For, even though we always try to deliver in person.

Does it have to be your own placenta?

It might seem like a strange question for some of you but it has been asked!
And yes, the placenta has to be birthed by the client who will consume the remedies.

Can I still have my placenta encapsulated if I have a cesearian?

Of course. The process would be exactly the same. Just ensure your care team is aware you wish to keep your placenta.

Can I have a water birth?

You can definitely have a water birth if you birth the placenta on dry land. Should the placenta be birthed in water, it would then be unsuitable for consumption due to possible contaminants in the water.

Would there be any reasons why the hospital may not let me keep my placenta?

Besides significant abnormalities that may involve further testing, your placenta is legally your property and therefore cannot be kept without good reason.

What if my placenta is stained with meconium?

Meconium is the sticky, tar-like poo that babies pass in their first few days. Sometimes, it passes when they are still in the womb or as they are born and it might stick to the placenta.
In that case, the placenta will be thoroughly washed and stripped of its memebranes, and we only would offer the steamed method to ensure all bacteria is killed.

Can I just have the smoothie and nothing else?

This might change in the future but for now, I would only offer the smoothie to the clients who intend to encapsulate their placentas.

If I have a home birth, could you prepare the remedies at my house?

Yes I could potentially come to your house to make the remedies.  It would never be guaranteed and would depend on how booked up we are.

How long can I store the pills for?

Simple dried capsules should be consumed within 3 months, steamed capsules can be taken up to 6 months. Make sure they are stored in a cool dry and dark place. Not in the fridge.

When should I not take my capsules?

Simple capsules can be taken at all times. On the other hand, because the steamed method is (very loosely) based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are not recommended in times of illness, due to the Yang's warming properties. Essence or tincture can be a perfect substitute when it happens.

Can I still have my placenta encapsulated if I have delayed cord-clamping?

After your baby has been born the umbilical cord, which links your placenta to the baby, continues to pulsate and transfer blood, oxygen and stem cells to your baby. We highly encourage this practice, for obvious reasons. So of course it is possible. The pulse lasts for about 10 minutes, and the placenta has to be put ‘on ice’ within 15 minutes after its birth, like it was meant to be!

What if I am also planning on storing cord blood stem cells?

Yes both are totally possible. We will liaise with your dedicated phlebotomist on the day of your baby's birth.

Just make sure your care team is aware of your intentions.