Certified Placenta Remedies Specialist



Hello and welcome on The Little Placenta Factory website!

My name is Melanie, I am an IPEN certified placenta remedies specialist, founder of The Little Placenta Factory. I am also a mother, a Doula and a "closing the bones" ceremony facilitator.

Since the birth of my son Julian, I have been truly and deeply passionate about anything related to childbirth, from gentle pregnancy relaxation to women's rights, there are so many fascinating facets .

Placenta encapsulation is one of them. I've seen first-hand the immense benefits of it, hence my wish to set up this little factory, transforming mums' placentas into super-food!

Reported benefits of placenta consumption, in short:

- Boosts milk supplies

- Balances hormones

- Wards off postnatal depression

- Replenishes depleted iron

- Increases energy levels

- Assists uterus to return to pre-pregnancy state

-Reduces post-natal depression

- Speeds up recovery 

I really hope to hear from you soon.

With Love,

Melanie, from The Little Placenta Factory

Pregnant Woman